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Grownups Testimonials


nick“My wife was under care with Dr. Caserma and I was complaining about my neck, back, and feet constantly. After work my body would ache. In the past I would try new pillows and even bought a new bed. All of which only temporary helped with the pain.

Since beginning care I no longer have neck, back, and foot pain. After my adjustments I don’t snore either! Even though I’m a new dad I have a good energy level!

I really enjoy coming in for my adjustments and so does my wife because I don’t snore!”

- Nick T.

dan“I started chiropractic reluctantly when I was having trouble turning my head to the left. The pain was making it hard to drive since I couldn’t turn my head to check my mirrors. I realized that I needed help and came to see Dr. Gina. She got me feeling better in no time!

Dr. Gina is a wonderful person who has genuine compassion and concern for the health and well being of her patients. My family and I are blessed to have Dr. Gina in our lives and she has made a huge improvement to our health.”

- Dan B.

ryne b“I started Chiropractic care because I was having pain in my neck, back and knees constantly. Most of it was work related and due to the fact that I had been out of Chiropractic care for many years. The pain had been consistent and constant for about a year and a half. It made work a physical nightmare and affected my mood drastically. I had tired all types of medication and creams to remedy the pain, but everything was only temporary, if it even worked at all. Being in pain all the time heavily disrupted my sleep cycle as well.

Since I started seeing Dr. Gina around a year ago, the pain in my knees and back is completely gone. The neck pain is still mildly present, but better immediately after an adjustment. I’ve been able to sleep better, and be 100% at work and feel my best emotionally.
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Dr. Gina is fantastic! She is well educated and loves what she does. She is dedicated to her patients and treats everyone like family. The girls up front are always helpful and informative and great for a good laugh or conversation. I recommend EVERYONE to see Dr. Gina. She can get you on track to a better, happier, and healthier life!”

- Ryne B.

“Thank you for offering your practice to the public! I am thrilled to have you on my family’s health care team.”

- Abigail N.

“Very pleasant experience. Two days later my shoulder and neck are so much better. Thank you.”

- Jean G.

“Very friendly, comfortable environment. I am looking forward to more visits.”

- Michelle P.

Dr. Gina is very knowledgeable and truly cares about us. My grandchildren Ages 5 and 7, my daughter and stepdaughter who are both pregnant are also seeing Dr. Gina. This is a great office! I would highly recommend this practice!”

Karen R.

“Dr. Gina is amazing! I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was impressed with Dr. Gina’s extensive knowledge of the human body. She explained in simple terms how all of our life experiences up until now play a part in our overall health and well-being. Dr. Gina was very through in her physical examination, and the thermo-imaging and x-rays were just really cool!”

- Kristina

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