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Pediatric Testimonials


I’m so glad that I chose to have Dr. Caserma treat my baby. He’s really responding well to the treatments. ”

Sharon M.

“Dr. Gina went out of her way to truly help my baby. She listened to our concerns and when he was a bit difficult, she was so patient with him and determined to help him. I’m super impressed!”

- Megan I.

“I’ve always loved Dr. Gina! She has been blessed with healing hands. My grandson Colton is also her patient, and before his adjustment he always says, ‘I’m going to get my super powers!'”

- Madeliene P.

Our daughter, Katherine, was beautifully born at home. Due to my long labor, Katherine’s cranium had some significant molding and after two days, a hematoma presented itself on the right side of her head. Although my midwife did some work to help resolve this and keep Katherine comfortable, Dr. Gina certainly came to the rescue!

Dr. Gina came to our home to check Katherine. She adjusted Katherine with CranioSacral technique and immediately following the adjustment, Katherine latched onto breast-feeding well. We also noted that the color in Katherine’s legs pinked up immediately after the adjustment (previously, her legs were a bit purple). We are so grateful for Dr. Gina’s work in helping our daughter!”


“I was so sick I couldn’t stand up without feeling dizzy and falling over. I couldn’t go to school, talk without coughing or get out of bed at all. I was running a 102.4 fever. I felt like my soul wasn’t connected to my body when I walked.

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Dr. Caserma has always healed my sickness and my many sports injuries in the past, so I trust her more than my other doctor! I followed her recommendations, which were two adjustments, two foot baths and sleep (did so for 14 hours).

While most of my friends were sick with the flu for two weeks, I was better in just three days. I missed a minimal amount of school (a day) and didn’t have tons of makeup homework like everyone else. Thanks to World of Wellness Chiropractic for everything! I love you all and you’re like a second family to me!”

- Macie, age 15

{PRACTICE NAME} patients“My son Ezequiel is almost 8 years old. He has struggled with allergies and asthma for a long time. He has had multiple ear infections since he was young and common colds would often turn into inflammation of the lungs or asthma problems. He would be congested to the point of not being able to breathe through his nose at all and this is what would lead to an ear infection or constant cough even when he wasn’t sick.

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He was sick often and the illness would last a long time and seem to be more severe than my other kids. He had an asthma attack in the middle of the night September 3, 2012. He skipped his first day of school to see Dr. Gina. She adjusted him and suggested that we take him off of dairy to lessen his congestion and to take him off of sugar to boost his immune system. He also started going in for adjustments once a week.

Before we started seeing Dr. Gina, Ezequiel was on a nose spray to reduce congestion, one inhaler (Albuterol) to open his airway, and a second inhaler (Qvar) to get rid of inflammation in his lungs. Dr. G explained that all three of these medications were steroidal and that even though they seem to help they are actually lessening his immune system. So we took him off of his medications. We started him on a healthier, dairy free diet and started bringing him in to the chiropractor once a week.

It has been over a year. He has not had one ear infection or an asthma attack! He is not as sick as often and if he does get a cold, it is pretty mild. The rest of my family has also been going in to see Dr. Gina on a weekly basis and we have all seen improvement. With four kids in our family, we usually go from one cold to the next but since the start of the school year we have only had 1 or 2 really mild colds!

We are very thankful for Dr. Gina and her staff. We feel like we are visiting family when we come in! She really knows what each of our individual needs are and has a very gentle touch. “

- The Olivas Family

{PRACTICE NAME} patients“World of Wellness Chiropractic care has been such a blessing in my family’s life in every way. My husband and I are parents to two healthy boys, Lincoln and Dane, with the help if Dr. Caserma!

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We first came to know the W.O.W. family when my husband had an injury to his shoulder that was keeping him from being able to work. He was so impressed with how well Dr. Caserma was able to help him that I started to visit her, as I was pregnant with our first son and was suffering from severe back pain. After my first adjustment I thought I could do flips, I felt so much better!

The rest of my pregnancy was enjoyable and pain free! Lincoln early on suffered from respiratory issues. He was asthmatic and had severe episodes with croup multiple times a year. It is so scary to see your baby struggling to breathe. Whenever I had questions or concerns about how to help him Dr. Caserma always made us a priority to help get him healthy. She made us feel like she genuinely cared about the health of our family.

Ever since Lincoln has been regularly adjusted he has not seen an emergency room or an urgent care! His immune system has thrived! Lincoln just finished his first year of school. We were so worried about all the new germs he would be exposed to and would be home sick a lot… But that wasn’t the case! He has been so healthy!

When my second son was born the doctor’s said he was tongue tied and wouldn’t be able to nurse unless we had his tongue clipped. I had never heard of this before and was feeling very overwhelmed. Dr. Caserma came to the hospital to help us and adjust the baby. I immediately saw results. Dr. Caserma wanted to fix the problem instead of masking it. After a couple weeks of regular adjustments Dane had no problem nursing or even sticking his tongue out at me when we’re playing. Dane has been very healthy. He has such incredible motor skills and is so aware! It’s amazing to witness him grow.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Caserma. We love her. Chiropractic care works!”

- The Baldwin Family

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