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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Feel Confident During Care

El Cajon Chiropractor Dr. Gina Caserma adjusting a patient

Dr. Gina’s adjustments are gentle and effective

Dr. Gina will make sure you know exactly what she’ll be doing before starting your adjustment. She’ll explain the techniques to you and demonstrate how the table or instrument adjuster works.

You may hear an audible sound during the adjustment. This is simply a gas that moves through your joints, which makes a noise when released.

At the time of your adjustment, you’ll lie on the table and Dr. Gina will assess you. From this, the correct techniques to use for your condition will be determined.

Dr. Gina can use a variety of techniques to suit different needs. She has skills in manual chiropractic techniques, light-force techniques and craniosacral work.

Experience the relaxing, effective healing of chiropractic. Contact us today to schedule your time.

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