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Expecting Testimonials



I started chiropractic care to prepare for a natural, peaceful, birth without interventions. I had no idea that it would be such a benefit during my pregnancy and make my pregnancy easier! I went from having several emergency room trips for severe vomiting and bleeding, to beginning chiropractic care that has had such a great impact on my overall health, immune system, and pregnancy. The bleeding stopped; I no longer need medicine for my morning sickness!

I have celebrated so many other milestones thanks to chiropractic care!

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  • Great blood pressure
  • Less overall pain
  • Immune system improvements
  • Thyroid improvement

Dr. Gina and her team are AMAZING! They are super informative and always there to answer questions! They also help you learn the science and evidence behind said answers. My family is forever grateful for Inspire Life Chiropractic and the health we have gained by being under Dr. Gina’s care.

Jennifer B.

Brittany T.“I started chiropractic care because I’ve had morning sickness that started at 8wks and I was still sick at 16weeks all day long! I lost 8lbs. due to no appetite. I didn’t start gaining weight until after starting chiropractic care and was able to keep food down. I felt exhausted, hungry, irritable, and most days just awful! I struggled with daily regular functions. I barely left my house which made what should have been a very “happy, let’s celebrate” time a very almost “lonely time”. Getting ready was hard due to being sick so often. I was throwing up anywhere from 8-11x’s a day. I wasn’t a candidate for anti-nausea meds since I had a history of miscarriage so I told to just “hang in there”.

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Since beginning regular chiropractic care I now have no back pain, no nausea or morning sickness! I’ve been feeling great and now enjoying being pregnant. I also feel more prepared for my baby’s birth now. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and have more energy now than I ever did!

Dr. Gina and her team are always willing to answer my questions or offer me suggestions. They have really helped point me in the right direction for the right birth plan for me.”

- Brittany T.

The Southward Family“It’s not an understatement to say that Dr. Gina changed my life, and the life of our family. Our birthing coach recommended Dr. Caserma to me for my severe morning sickness. I was 30 weeks pregnant and still throwing up 6-8 times a day. I was hospitalized 3 times for dehydration and couldn’t even keep water down most days. I was miserable and had tried everything.

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After seeing Dr. Gina three times I wasn’t even slightly nauseous! I was able to eat, keep things down, and I started to feel like a human again. Even better, those pregnancy symptoms “everyone gets” like heart burn and back aches-she took care of those as well. Dr. Gina not only stopped me from throwing up, but she also prepared my body for birthing. We took our son, Archer, to see her when he was five days old. He could only turn his head fully one direction, and his little skull bones were funky from being born. Dr. Gina was able to work on these “normal” things that happen to most babies during the birth process. Immediately, Archer nursed better (read no more nipple pain), had more movement of his head, and the ridges from his skull plates disappeared and moved into place. It’s hard to imagine our life without Inspire Life Chiropractic. We no longer have to adapt to pain. Our family is working towards wellness and we couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Gina. I only wish I knew of her sooner.”

- The Southward Family

Surya and family“I began chiropractic care with my third pregnancy. I knew I wanted a better birth experience and more comfortable pregnancy. I was about three months along when I came to see Dr. Gina.

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In my second pregnancy I experienced chronic pelvic pain, which led to difficulty when walking. Also with my second pregnancy, I experienced complications. I knew I had to do more for my pelvis during this pregnancy. I had previous experience with chiropractic care: one very positive and another rather ineffective. The right provider makes a difference to me and in Dr. Gina I found that right fit.

During my entire third pregnancy I had a pain free pelvis and a smooth complication free homebirth. I am now pregnant with my fourth child and have seen Dr. Gina regularly. My regular adjustments have helped me with minor discomforts in my low back, boosting my immune system, anxiety and have also helped balance my pregnant emotions. The staff at World of Wellness is super friendly, very sweet and always caring. It is definitely worth the drive from downtown.”

- Surya

“I sought the Webster Technique to try to turn our breech baby at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Our baby had turned breech at 35 weeks and we were unable to turn him with the suggestions at or the manual efforts of our midwives. I have had three previous natural births and was determined to try everything to get the homebirth I wanted and to avoid a c-section.

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I had some previous chiropractic experience in adolescence to correct scoliosis and I knew it could be helpful. I was hopeful our attempts with the Webster would be successful in at least aiding in the version we’d scheduled with the doctors to try to turn the baby.

We came to Inspire Life Chiropractic to try the Webster a day before our version was scheduled in the hospital. That night after treatment the baby was very active. The next morning before the version the hospital checked his position and he was head down! No version was necessary; Webster had worked on our first try! In addition, I experienced more energy after our first adjustment and the lower back pain I’d had all pregnancy disappeared. Dr. Caserma is very knowledgeable and a joy to meet with; her office staff is very warm and helpful.”

- Sarah

Shannon and Family“As I embark on the 26th week of this twin pregnancy, I was reflecting on how I felt my last twin pregnancy. At 17 weeks I had already been hospitalized and had been in awful pain, at 25 weeks I was already suffering with edema, as well as blocked ears and “pregnancy carpal tunnel”.

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I think I was barely 30 weeks when I had to give my notice at work. I am not working this pregnancy, but I have twin toddlers to run after….despite the normal “I have toddler tiredness”, I feel great! What a difference from being under your care from the beginning of this pregnancy! My family and I are so thankful to you for how great I feel, and for all you do for us! The less than 14 weeks I have left of this pregnancy actually does not feel like eternity, thanks to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

- Shannon

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