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What to Expect

Patients of all ages love El Cajon chiropractor Dr. Gina

Patients of all ages love Dr. Gina!

When you first call Inspire Life Chiropractic, our caring team will schedule you for your first appointment. You are also given the option to schedule your second appointment immediately.

Let’s Get Started

Melissa and Emilie at the front desk will warmly welcome you in. You can complete your paperwork online or fill it out when you arrive for your appointment. Next, you’ll get an office tour and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable.

You’ll then go back to the examination room and meet Dr. Gina. If the appointment is for your child, we’ll have completed the consultation over the phone. Otherwise, we’ll have that discussion now.

Next, your examination including nerve scans and range of motion testing will be done.

Dr. Gina will then discuss whether she feels chiropractic can help you. She’ll take some time to review your X-rays and scans and come up with the best plan for you to achieve your health goals. You’ll be scheduled back for another visit if this wasn’t done before.

In total, your first visit takes about an hour.

The Second Visit

Dr. Gina will review the findings from your examination with you. She’ll go over a plan with you to reach your or your child’s health goals. Your financial concerns and questions will be answered at that time. We have several different payment plans and discounts available for your family.

Wellness Orientation Workshops

At your second visit, Dr. Gina will talk to you about coming in for a new patient class. These workshops are held two nights per month in the evenings. We also hold webinars and regular workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics.

Are you ready to find out how we can help your family? Contact us today.

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